The Somnolent

by Coenurus

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Runtime: 51:51


released May 25, 2005

All instruments and voices - Rich Lloyd
Cover art - Ayla Priestley
Cover model - Phiz



all rights reserved


Coenurus Norfolk, Virginia

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Track Name: Cherie, Part 1
bring it on home, eat some breakfast.
smoke the day's first cigarette.
and it's so hard, cause i'm so lonely.
and without you is pervading all i do.
and i wouldn't tell you, but you intrigued me,
as no one since. i'd have loved to bridge the distance.
and it's so hard, cause you gave up on me,
and though i'm strange, i'd have seen you just the same.
sometimes i daydream, while you look where i don't see.
and i turn away, cause i'm in love with being sad.
and it's so hard, cause i'd like to run to you.
and you you know it hurts me, but i won't scream across the distance:
my world is such a wintry landscape. and i'm just cold.
i've lost the words to say.
don't wait up for me.
i'd rather be alone. so grab a cell phone.
or drive yourself home.
Track Name: See the Future
hey hey! i see the future.
come on and look my way,
and slide on top of heaven,
before you slip away.
tonight we sleep in the blackness
overlooking the earth,
blissful as unborn children
pulled apart at birth.
i see the future.
i slip away.
i'm afraid for you, dear.
it's just my way.
Track Name: A Codeine Dream
do you remember the veils of codeine i sifted through?
i found my sleep, i found my sleep.
i used to sleep in rings of sunshine.
and every waking hour, i sat in a balmy haze.
the summer heat, the summer heat,
with dizzy fingers grasping lighters.
when drugged and fucked to exhaustion,
i'd sleep in trails of you:
and saw the seafoam inching up your legs
while creeps stared from the boardwalk.
golden skin was dancing in the sun,
and light streamed through your hair
to bend and touch the space between.
i was living in my codeine dreams.
and at night, i sometimes lost attention,
waiting for a breakthrough...
bleedthrough. i was bleeding through.
finding peace in blood and metal.
but healing was easy.
everything was easy in the summer.
plastic bags and bottles
cleaned of the sleeping pills left in the closet...
it took me so long to realize that this world is entirely white.
dressed in whiteness, pressed in white
to where i barely recognized you.
friends that braved the rocky weather crumble,
split like falling sand. i broke apart the perfect team.
i was living in my codeine dreams.
and as the world turns, we turn as well and grow apart.
i let you slip, i let you slip.
i let you slip through my grasping fingers.
in everything i do, i find i never think of you.
what's done is done. i can't go back.
i'll chalk it up to shitty timing.
try as we might, there's just some things that won't be undone...
so i hope you find some peace of mind,
and lose yourself in rays of sunshine.
Track Name: Cherie, Part 2
Track Name: No Skirt
licking my lips in the static white room.
in drugged-out love, we killed the whiskey.
and i knew that i would lose my backbone,
embracing the waves like a ship beneath the sea.
and oversexed and medicated,
i was waiting and you were busy finding courage
to attach yourself, commit yourself, connect yourself with me.
and as we sat and you licked your lips,
caressing up and down your sunned legs.
and you smiled with your hands exploring;
i was only happy to oblige when you wanted me to stroke your neck,
and brush your skin and taste your comforter.
and you giggled when you felt my hands had grazed your hips.
oh lady... you forgot your skirt...
and you smiled and you laughed and you laughed and you smiled and you laughed...
and i remember everything, like how you came in spurts, and how we got so rowdy.
how it must have hurt... kind of fun the way it hurts so good.
we turned around and we had wrecked the fucking room.
and under waves and medicated,
did you cross the line from pain to pleasure?
and as we said our last goodbyes,
and as a drowning tangled mass of life,
we approached and came to taste each other.
and you were just an expert with your tongue.
i was weary spent and pressed beside you,
digging through your shirt while you wore no skirt.
you lie and you cry and you lie and you cry and you lie.
and everything that you did was everything you tried.
and all the seas we mourned for, were all the days you cried...
kind of sad the way it all turned out,
my beautiful sad little blackeyed sex toy.
kind of sad the way it all turned out.
we turned around and our friends had all died.
Track Name: Collarbones
quietly somnolent, and searching for true love?
acid burritos and sad, drugged-up leprechauns.
she'd slept in rays of light, peeping through numbness,
like jesus's hated. poor little girl.
and slowly they waned, and the rays of light flickered,
and went away, leaving her lost in the breakdown.
she'd drag herself out or fight back,
but she's small, and weaker and hopeless.
a slave in a man's world.
but she picked herself up, she came to find me,
and drugged in the moonlight, she whispered endearments,
but i was behind a veil. i kept her waiting.
poor little girl. when i came to see, i was gone.
sometimes her collarbones stick out, and she mourns
like lepers and unicorns shot down in flight.
she took too much landlady heroin (awwww too much, man),
and she'll go dancing in her sleep.
she'll go dancing.
dancing in her sleep.
dancing. dancing in her sleep.
Track Name: Dancing in her Sleep
Track Name: Under Veils of Morphine
dancing in her bedroom, and waltzing in her sleep,
her bedsores burst and blister sorrow under veils of morphine.
dreaming in the sunlight, a voice i barely hear
from deep beneath the ocean whispers seafoam in my ear:
"oh!! is everything bringing you down?"
and i'm itching from the morphine; scratching, numb,
and sad that all my little splinters are the words i never had.
she's walking up the beaches on her grey and frozen days,
and somehow she hears someone singing somewhere in the bay:
"oh!! won't anyone come back around?
is everything bringing you down?
has everyone left you alone?
bask in the sunlight."
and dancing in our bedrooms and waltzing in our sleep,
do we trudge along this weary path under veils of morphine?
this paper town is burning; it crumbles to the sea.
we'll sleep beneath an ocean. we'll swim circles in our dreams.
oh!! when everyone's brought us so low,
when everyone's left us alone,
when everyone's shutting us out,
i'll take your hand.
Track Name: Little Towns that are Made of Paper
Track Name: Adderall
half down.
i'm down on my knees when i toke up.
i'm begging for some conversation every time i rock the adderall.
somewhere i didn't.
and once i could speak to my phiz.
i endear her and no one will notice.
no one will say a word.
once i could speak to my phiz through the adderall.
now it's too late.
i have no words to say.
Track Name: Seafoam Summer Daydream
Track Name: God Made the Fishes
have i told you the story of the girls who came knocking
with bright little sheets that said god made the fishes
of aluminum siding? i slipped through the door
while the junkies were shooting the shit
that i squirmed a bit.
wriggling and squirming and longing for water,
and always uncomfortable. that's how god made me.
and weak as i am, i'd turned from my friends that had loved me,
like i'd found that impossible.
this is our last dance through the felled debris.
this is our last chance, so kiss me.
people find jesus in strange and odd places.
in a boat, or a tortilla, or sometimes a horserace.
and sometimes he'll sit in the stands, make a bet or two;
knowing he's won them, he'll buy me a sandwich.
so when god wins those bets on the horseraces,
you'll know your god is a slippery one.
god is a shark. and he'll grab some aluminum.
flash holy light from his hands. i have doubts i've seen anything like it
since god made those fishes and dropped 'em in the sea.
(god won a horserace) my god bought a sandwich for me.
have i told you the story of the girls who came knocking
with bright little sheets that said god made the fishes?
that weak as i am i had turned from my friends
that had loved me like you do? i'm a fool for the doubtful.
have i told you i find you so sweet and improbable?
somewhere i didn't, but somewhere i meant to.
and somewhere i listened to all the things you said
and somewhere i must have found smiles and sandwiches.
this is our last dance left on the beach.
this is our last dance so kiss me.
this is the last chance for me.
this is our last dance.
this was all a dream (this is us dancing through the sheets).
it's our last dance.
it's our last chance.
this is our night in the sea.